Karen has received the following Musical Awards and Honors:


Outstanding Band Member 1979-1981

National Association of Jazz Educators (NAJE) Citation for Outstanding Musicianship 1981

John Philip Sousa Semper Fidelis 1981

U.S. Collegiate Wind Bands acceptance 1981

Delta Omicron Upsilon Chapter 2nd Vice President and Publicity Committee 1981-1986

Section Leader Award 1986

Nominated to: The All-American College Marching Olympic Band 1984

The All-American College Marching Inaugural Band (Pres. Reagan 1985)

The U.S. Liberty Band for 4th of July Celebration 1986

“All-American” Hall of Fame Honors 1986

Alternate to The All-American Marching Disney Band (six selected drummers in the U.S.) 1983

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